01. She was [dumped] by her previous boyfriend, and doesn't really want to get into another relationship right away.
02. Often, you can see bears looking for food at the [dump].
03. If people don't do more to recycle, the city is going to have to expand the current site of the city [dump].
04. Somebody [dumped] a huge load of garbage on the side of the street.
05. Why do some drivers [dump] all the cigarette butts in the ashtray of their car out the window onto the road?
06. I'm afraid my girlfriend is going to [dump] me because she seems interested in a friend of mine.
07. He always [dumps] his girlfriends if he thinks they are getting too serious because he doesn't really want to have a long-term relationship.
08. Musician Frank Zappa once said that the typical rock fan is not smart enough to know when he is being [dumped] on.
09. Athens, Greece organized the first known municipal [dump] in the western world, in approximately 500 B.C.
10. My boss always [dumps] his work on me when he can't handle the stress.
11. There was a big [dump] of snow on the mountain overnight, so the skiing should be great today!
12. Toxic waste was [dumped] along Nigeria's coast in the late 1980s.
13. Unrestricted [dumping] of chemicals and sewage into the Baltic Sea has badly polluted Estonia's waters.
14. There is a rumor that Brad Pitt has [dumped] Jennifer Aniston, and is now going out with Jennifer Lopez.
15. In 1991, Iraq [dumped] over a million tons of oil from occupied Kuwait into the Persian Gulf.
16. Garbage which is [dumped] into streams and rivers often accumulates on beaches, where it alters the environment of the oceans.
17. He went to the pub and got loaded because he felt bad after his girlfriend [dumped] him for another guy.

Grammatical examples in English. 2013.

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